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(Not Your Usual) Wedding Cakes


Your day, your way is our motto when it comes to weddings (and life for that matter).  Sod tradition and other people's expectations and go for something that totally represents the two of you.  We pride ourselves on getting to know you are your day and creating a design that sums you up in all your quirky, nerdy glory!  Have a browse through some of our previous creations for some unconventional inspiration.


'Autumnal Blackberry & Bark Wedding Cake'

Hand blended colours of bruised autumn clouds combined with natural woodland textures and autumn berries.

'Travel Themed Wedding Cake'

This fantastic double sided travel themed wedding cake features luxury travel on one side and wild adventure on the other.

'Travel Themed Wedding Cake'

This fantastic double sided travel themed wedding cake features luxury travel on one side and wild adventure on the other.

'Buttercream Wedding Cake with Succulents & Mice Bride & Groom'

Modern florals featuring succulents adorn this buttercream wedding cake which had a truly unique topper - taxidermied mice bride & groom toppers!

'Exotic Animal Wedding Cake'

The perfect wedding cake for two exotic animal vets. Featuring their pet snake, owl, tortoise and Geoffrey the chameleon.

'Game of Thrones Wedding Cake'

The perfect wedding cake for fans of Game of Thrones.

'Kawaii Wedding Cake'

If you can't resist a bit of Kawaii cuteness then this is the wedding cake for you!

'Science Fiction Wedding Cake'

Celebrate your inner geek all over your wedding cake with a full on sfi-fi them and Star Trek bride and groom.

'Chalkboard & Anemone Wedding Cake'

The tattoo style of art used to illustrate this chalkboard wedding cake give it an edge over the 'fluffier' style of chalkboard cake.

'Peony & Rose Cascade Wedding Cake'

If you're going to have a white wedding cake with flowers, have a sh*t tonne of flowers!

'Cornucopia Orchid & Foliage Wedding Cake'

This split style wedding cake features exotic orchids and lush foliage with a tumble of fruits spilling out for a decadent, Edwardian feel.

'Rocky Mountain Canadian Themed Wedding Cake'

Honeymoon destinations can be a great source of inspiration for your wedding cake - this lucky couple were heading off for a Canadian road trip.

'Decadent Fresh Flower & Fruit Naked Wedding Cake'

An abundance of fresh flowers and tumbling fruit give this naked wedding cake a decadent appeal.

'Japanese Koi Carp Wedding Cake'

Tumbling tiers, water colour painting and koi carp combine in this wedding cake to take you to your Zen place.

'Cottage Garden Flower Split Wedding Cake'

We love the split wedding cake structure and it never looked prettier than when filled with cottage garden flowers.

'Sweetpea & Silver Leaf Wedding Cake'

White and silver is such an elegant colour combination and works perfectly with the sweetpeas on this contemporary floral wedding cake

'Black & Gold Art Deco Cake'

Classic art deco black & gold colours lifted by edible diamonds.

'Exotic Fruits Naked Wedding Cake'

Just because its naked doesn't mean it has to be rustic & understated! This mother of all naked wedding cakes featured scores of handmade sugar cherry blossoms, dragon fruit, pomegranates, figs and cherries.

'Wedding Mini Dessert Tower'

This is such a relaxed and fun way to serve your wedding dessert - individual portions of chocolate brownie mousse, zingy lemon posset & strawberry cheesecake served in cute shot glasses.

'Peacock Wedding Cake'

We love blue in all it's tones and hues so this wedding cake with it's hand-painted peacock tail was pure pleasure to make.

'City Skyline Rainbow Wedding Cake'

Elegant monotone exterior with a hidden riot of rainbow sponge inside.

'Boho Naked Wedding Cake with Madeleines'

Hessian, madeleines and a riot of relaxed flowers give this naked wedding cake a boho vibe.

'Driftwood & Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake'

Driftwood texture, twigs and cherry blossoms give this pretty wedding cake a gently rustic feel.

'White & Gold Drip Wedding Cake'

Gorgeous gold drips and white chocolate shards with super-sharp edges give this wedding cake an ultra contemporary vibe.

'Beach Themed Wedding Cheese Cakes'

It doesn't always have to be cake - New York baked cheesecakes provide the basis for this beach themed wedding dessert.

'French Romance & Technology Mash Up Wedding Cake'

Intensely personalised for each of the grooms but still elegant and tasteful featuring their interests of French interiors and technology.

'Gothic Geometric Wedding Cake with Feathers & Flowers'

Geometric shapes combine with rustic textures, feathers and dark sugar flowers for a modern & stylish gothic feel.

'Robot Bride & Groom Wedding Cakes'

Not a tier in sight but still undeniably a wedding cake - meet C3 Marry Me and RD I Do!

'Rustic Texture Buttercream Wedding Cake'

The pure rustic texture of this wedding cake on a wild flower base suited this beautiful barn venue down to the ground.

'Art Deco Peony & Foliage Wedding Cake'

Tall ties & winding foliage with gold details give this wedding cake a deco feel.

'Black Wedding Cake with Rainbow Sweetpeas'

The black background of this wedding cake really make the colours of the handmade sugar sweetpeas pop.

'Thai Buddah Head Wedding Cake'

Beautifully bright colours of turquoise and magenta combined with a gold buddha head for a totally exotic feel to this wedding cake.

'Dragon & Phoenix Chinese Wedding Cake'

The Dragon & Phoenix are traditional Chinese symbols representing the bride & groom and look fantastic hand-painted in red and gold.

'Lego Wedding Cake'

Indulge your inner child with a lego themed wedding cake - let's face it, you're never too old for lego!

'Walking Dead Compromise Wedding Cake'

All pretty flowers, marbled icing and geometric shapes at the front and all zombie at the back - we love a compromise wedding cake.

'Walking Dead Compromise Wedding Cake'

All pretty flowers, marbled icing and geometric shapes at the front and all zombie at the back - we love a compromise wedding cake.

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"I've been meaning to email you to say a huge thank you for Augustus' birthday cakea, my guest absolutely loved it and more importantly it tasted delicious!! And as for the cupcakes........they were amazing, everyone had to take a photo to show friends and family so I'm sure you are trending in a lot of places!!"

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