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Blog Archive: November 2018

Science Fiction Themed Wedding Inspiration

There are few fandoms more dedicated than Sci-Fi fans so it should be no surprise that there is some awesome Sci-Fi themed wedding inspiration out there. We've rounded up some of our favourite ideas for you. SciFi Wedding Invitations ...

Alternatives to Stacked Wedding Cakes

If you're looking for something a little different for your wedding cake have you thought about changing up the structure and moving away from the traditional 'stacked' wedding cake design? We've rounded up some alternatives to the tiered cake to giv ...

Handmade Edible Christmas Treats

Crikey, how is it November already? I'm sure it was only a week ago I was struggling with super-soft icing and cakes that just wouldn't cool down in 40 degree heat! Now Halloween is out of the way I feel it's decent to start talking about Christmas. ...

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