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Meet the Maker!

10th Sep 2018


So I started to write an 'About me' page - you know the kind of thing, all about a persons experience and history in their industry with a 'human interest' part about their family - and it was really dull so instead here are 10 much more interesting random facts.  But first, a cutesy photo!

Somerset Cake Maker











This is about how big I was when my Nan started teaching me to bake
(that's me on the left wearning my best 'I don't want to wear a dress' face')


  1. My 1st love is books, I own around 3000 give or take and my dream house would have a library with one of those whizzy ladders that goes up to the ceiling!
  2. I have a plan for when the zombie apocalypse arrives, as should all sensible people!
  3. I love tattoo art, especially Trash Polka.  You can just see my book tattoo peaking out here!

    Somerset Cake Maker
  4. I have severe motophobia, believe me when I say I am most definitely more afraid of them than they are of me!
  5. I once appeared on The Chase, I didn’t win but I always know when it's being repeated becuase my FB messages go crazy. 'Oooh, is that you on The Chase?'!!
  6. My dream holiday destination is Canada and I'd love to do a coast to coast road trip in an RV with these two one day.

    Somerset Cake Maker
  7. I don’t like music and yes, I know that's just weird.
  8. I once worked in a chocolate factory, it was not as fun as it sounds!
  9. I don’t actually like icing, of any kind.  My dream cake is a fluffy coconut sponge layered with lime curd
  10. I can’t bake bread to save my life.  It's my baking bete noire!


That's enough about me for now, bring on the cake blogging! We're going to be sharing inspiration and answering some of your most common cake related questions in our weekly blogs so just drop us a line if you have a burning question you'd like us to answer or a theme you'd like some inspiration for.

Toodle pip!

Julie x

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