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Does my Wedding Cake Have to be Fruitcake?

29th Oct 2018

Fruit CakeIn a word - nope!

It might be what your grandma's generation is expecting but fruitcake is one wedding tradition that most couples have happily waved goodbye to over the last few decades. In fact, I've been at this profession for over 10 years now and in all that time I've only every made one wedding cake that was entirely fruitcake! As ever my advise is 'Have whatever the heck you want' but what are the options?




Amazing Naked Wedding Cake with Exotic Fruits & Sugar Cherry Blossoms

Say No to Fruitcake

If you really don't like it and you're not having a traditional day then don't have it!  The vast majority of wedding cakes these days are all sponge cake and if you're having multiple tiers you can chose different flavours to get all your favourites in there and give your guests a choice.









Sweet & Savoury Cheese Naked Wedding Cake

Mix it Up & Have Both

If you have a strong traditional element to your wedding or if you have lots of guests from older generations then you might want to include both fruitcake and sponge cake.  If you're going for a stacked cake then you will need to consider where in the stack the fruitcake goes to make sure the cake is stable and not in danger of falling over. Obvs, your professional cake maker will be able to advise you what's best for your cake but, as a general rule, it needs to go either at the bottom or the top. Having a top tier fruitcake is also a good idea if you want to save the top tier for a future christening.








Consign it to the Kitchen with a Cutting Cake

If you're having a style of cake that means you can't hide a fruit cake amongst the tiers, such as the on-trend naked cake, then you can always banish the fruit cake to the kitchen in the form of a plain iced cutting cake.  This is an undecorated cake that the caterers will keep behind the scenes and cut up to put out with the main wedding cake when it's served. The other advantage of a cutting cake is that you can control the number of portions you have rather than just having to fit it in either as the largest or smallest tier of your cake.


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